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In this section you can find important changes and news which has happened in web or outside of it.


Company Cordiant expanded its assortment of tyres used on building jobs to new size 13R22,5 Cordiant Professional VM-1 in first quarter of the year 2017.

Model VM-1 has universal pattern and it is produced in following sizes: 315/80R22,5 and 11R22,5. The technology Stone-Cor protects tyre VM-1 against all types of damages during the usage. Closed ribs in the shoulder area provide lateral stability and tyre reliability. The depth of the tread of the universal tyre is from 17 mm to 18,5 mm – according to its size.

For usage in more difficult off-road conditions is the most suitable model Cordiant Professional DM-1. In manufacturing are applied special technologies for industrial tyres Steel-Cor and Winding Ring that provide effective and trouble-free usage of DM-1 model on every type of construction machines.

The Steel-Cor technology and U-shaped joints provides strength and durability against tyre strain. The technology Winding Ring decreases traction in tyre tread and it eases balancing.

The reinforced 4-layer casing and 5% stronger steel cord of 315/80R22,5 DM-1 tyre reduces wear in tough working conditions.

Cordiant Professional DM-1 has a number of key features:

  • an increased depth of 22,5 mm and a large contact surface,
  • the V-shaped tread improves traction abilities in uneven and soft terrain,
  • strong centre rib improves tyre grip,
  • Stone-Cor technology protects the tyre from damage by stones and other objects.

Cordiant Professional uses special rubber compound with increased strength and tear resistance in all Cordiant Professional tyres.

Cordiant Professional are produced using the most modern and highly efficient machines. The high quality of the products is guaranteed by the international ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO / TS 16949 and UNECE Regulations 30, 54, 117. Cordiant supplies tyres to Europe, Latin America, Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States.

The technical parameters of tyres

Size Load Index Speed Index Tread depth
315/80R22.5 VM-1 156/150 110 (K) 17
11R22.5 VM-1 148/145 110 (K) 18,9
13R22.5 VM-1 154/150,156/150 K (110), G (90) 18,5
315/80R22.5 DM-1 156/150 110 (K) 22,5
11R22.5 DM-1 148/145 110 (K) 22,5
13R22.5 DM-1 154/150,156/150 110 (K),90 (G) 22,5
12R22.5 DM-1 152/148 К (110) 23,0


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